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This Keeping It Real video is the first in a series on creativity. Krysta Gibson visits with Cathy Wild who is a creativity expert and author of the new book Wild Ideas. They talk about what creativity is and isn’t, how to be more creative in daily life, and how to handle the blockages that might come your way!

Cathy Wild has spent more than 30 years developing innovative approaches to healing that integrate powerful body-centered techniques with the creative process.—”I am always at my best while guiding clients into the depths of felt-experience that can profoundly transform their lives .” While expanding her successful private practice, Cathy became a popular speaker, workshop leader, and corporate consultant. She has facilitated women’s groups, writing groups, and book groups; and has taught in the extended education program at Santa Rosa Junior College.

A pioneer in somatic counseling, the expressive arts, and the field of life coaching, Cathy has also been featured as a creativity expert on the PBS television series, In the Prime. For many years, she wrote Wild Ideas, a column about personal growth and creative living that inspired her recently published book by the same name.

Today, her life’s work has deepened and evolved into Body-Centered Healing—a dynamic, experiential process that supports clients on a profound personal journey of transformation. The results? Focus, inspiration, a sense of well-being—and, most importantly, the ability to shift formerly intractable patterns that tend to undermine our confidence and ability to engage.

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