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Are you familiar with the concept of biorhythms? I learned about them many years ago and used to track them so I would know my optimal days for physical, emotional, and mental activities. I hadn’t thought about them in years and then was contacted by the folks at Field 15 who said they had designed an app to track biorhythms and asked if I wanted to review it. I did and have been using it for the past month or so. Here’s how it works.

From the day we’re born, we begin 23, 28, and 33 day cycles for our physical, emotional, and intellectual abilities. There are over 100 years of data behind this where the theory behind biorhythms has been studied, researched, and put to use by everyone from athletes and airlines to government agencies and celebrities.

From following these cycles, you know what days are best for physical, emotional, or mental activities and which days are considered “critical,” meaning it is wise to pay extra attention to your chosen activities. Besides giving an overview of months so you can plan better, the app allows you to have daily emails sent giving you the stats for that day. And you can sign up for a family account so you can follow up to eight people at a time. A professional account lets businesses and larger groups track up to 100 people at a time.

The app is easy to use and to follow and good information and help is available at the website. If you want to add a new dimension to your planning, give BioBits a try and see how it fits your life. Combine this information with astrology and numerology as well as your own intuitive abilities and your planning various events and activities will improve immensely.

To learn more about biorhythms and the app, visit You can try it free for seven days.


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