Beginner’s Guide to Tarot


Beginner’s Guide to Tarot
by Juliet Sharman-Bruke
Cards Illustrated by Giovanni Caselli
St. Martin’s Press

Frequently, people ask me how to get started using the Tarot. I tell them to find a deck they like and then I recommend a couple of good books that are solid and will give the person some basic understanding and abilities. I will now add this set to my recommendations. Not only is there a 192-page book that expertly leads the reader through the deck but the book is accompanied by a newly designed deck that is based on the Waite-Rider tradition, the one I feel is best to learn from.

Most teachers begin with the major arcana and then move to the minor. Sharman-Burke begins with the minor and then moves to the major. It is an interesting approach and I will be curious to hear from people new to tarot how this works for them.

The pictures of the cards in the book also clearly point out some of the basic symbols in this deck and what they mean. This is very helpful for people to learn about the cards and remember what they might mean in a reading. Although I have worked and played with the tarot for over 30 years, I find this set to be very interesting and it is adding to my knowledge base. Whether a new or seasoned reader, this card and deck has a lot to offer those interested in this vibrant and meaningful spiritual tool.


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