Automatic Writing? Intuitive Writing!


Have you heard of automatic writing? Or maybe you have, but don’t know how to start or don’t think you are a writer? In this article, Linda Zeppa provides some suggestions for tapping into your own intuitive writing ability.

Many people have talked to me about “automatic” writing. They want to write but don’t know where to start. They have been told that they are writers or are meant to be writers and just want to do it now. They want to learn how to “automatic” write. “Teach me how to automatic write,” they say. Here is my reply. 

While I refer here to writing, this also applies to all areas of opening and awakening, channeling, artistry, music, dancing, and so on.

There is no magic switch that turns the supply of words and writing on and off. There is not one button or key to push, like that of an automatic dishwasher, washing machine, car. And it is different for everyone.

The supply is always there within you. It is the energy of you and all about you in the spiritual world. It is always available to you, available to be released in the manner and speed that you wish to do so. Yes, sometimes it will feel automatic. Something – an incident, a sight, a sound, a smell – will trigger it and with a pen/pencil/keyboard close by, information or a story will suddenly come through. It is with awareness, allowing, and practicing that this will continue.

Teaching and learning does not come from an external source. You must look within, acknowledge the energy there, and allow it to flow. With writing, the flow is through the communication center (the throat chakra), through the shoulders, down the arms, and out the fingers. It is by going within that you get comfortable with the essence and the energy of yourself, and then you can allow whatever to flow out. You are putting into physical form what lies within. 

Nothing is too stupid, and lots will flow out that doesn’t make sense in the outside world, or to everyone. It doesn’t matter. Let it flow anyway. Have no expectations. Allow yourself to be surprised. Allow yourself to acknowledge what you already know inside.

Sometimes an emotion will flow out. Let it out and release it. Use any language that you wish… even the words that you never allow yourself to speak.

Sometimes a story will flow out, from this lifetime or from a past life or from someone else. Don’t be overwhelmed with the length, emotion, idea of it. Just get out what needs and wants to be out. Allow it.

Poems, messages, ideas, perhaps lessons that we don’t physically want to acknowledge… the essence of you, the energy, the spirit of you coming forth. It doesn’t always have to be serious. Deep down we can be fun as well as serious.

So for me and for those that I have had the pleasure to work with, the switch to writing is the choice that you make to allow your energy to flow outward into physical form. No one can “teach” you that. The energy is there. The “teaching” part is guidance, offering exercises, triggers, information, meditation, etc. to assist you to open and allow the flow. It is your choice to accept and allow. It is your choice to follow your intuition. And yes, sometimes it is hard work as we are prompted to write, write, write.

Rather than automatic, I prefer to use “intuitive” writing. It is gentler, allowing, opening, and it is always there. It is writing from your source, your energy and that of spirit. It is all part of your journey, awakening and developing. It goes beyond writing and beyond automatic.

As well as being a writer, I allow myself to be a guide and teacher. I somehow know what to present to people to trigger and open their flow. The triggers are often simple exercises; relaxation and meditation are key. I am constantly aware of the words of Kahil Gibran from his book The Prophet: “If he is indeed wise he does not bid you enter the house of his wisdom, but rather leads you to the threshold of your own mind.”

The bonus for me is that by encouraging others on their path, I am encouraged on mine.

As we move into a new year, become aware of the triggers and clues. Find and work with a guide or coach. Meditate. Begin to or continue to develop your intuition, to open the flow and allow words, music, art, creativity or whatever shows the essence of the true you, to flow out. 


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