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I left the pet store with a small bottle of CBD hemp oil and complimentary dog biscuits, infused with CBD drops, in preparation for the fireworks and noise associated with the July 4th celebration. I was trying a new approach for my dog’s anxiety after my research on CBD oil turned up countless glowing testimonials about its benefits.

Hemp oil is extracted from cannabis which has a very low THC content and is legal in dog, cat and horse products in all 50 states. It’s not marijuana. CBD is an acronym for cannabidiol. You can find CBD hemp oil products on-line and in local holistic pet stores under their own brands.

Canna-Pet, in Seattle, grows and processes industrial hemp into CBD products which are then developed into hemp oil extracts: “Made in the US in cGMP f facilities, with non-GMO hemp provided by licensed European suppliers, they are recommended by veterinarians, have zero psychoactivity for pets and are covered by major pet insurers. Courts recognize CBD as dietary supplements for pets.” Their website reports 92.6% of all respondents favor Canna-Pet to some/most/many medications. 83.2% report it helps reduce anxiety and 64.8% found relief from thunderstorm and fireworks phobia.

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Willy, a 16-year-old Lhasa Shih Tzu suffered from arthritis, anxiety, vision loss and a variety of age-related problems. Conventional painkillers made him sluggish. Michelle Batten of Portland started him on the CBD capsules derived from hemp. “I was very open to it and so pleased with what I saw,” Batten said. “He’s so much more content and is sleeping better. He’s not in pain, and he doesn’t have the anxiety.”

Dog’s Naturally magazine reports CBD hemp oil helps with chronic conditions such as compromised immune systems, aggression, digestive issues, arthritis and stress responses.

Many cannabinoids help with pain, muscle spasms, tumors, seizures, skin conditions, appetite stimulation, anxiety and neurological disorders. They also have anti-inflammatory benefits. Veterinarians are finding CBD hemp is useful in treating sprains, strains, torn ligaments, broken bones and with post-operative care to reduce swelling, pain and stiffness. If your dog is taking conventional drugs for any of these conditions, he may be able to take a lower dose and reduce side effects by adding CBD hemp oil.

Many people are looking for ways to ease pain and suffering in our elderly or terminally ill companions. Zaphod, a 14-year old cat, lost his ability to comfortably jump, play or even cuddle, along with his purr and eyesight. His tail thumped angrily when Kiki picked him up or when on her lap. He started sleeping all day and wandering around the room in circles at night, occasionally meowing into the darkness.

Kiki tried CBD oil. It didn’t stop his night restlessness, but Zaphod relaxed, was comfortable being petted and she could even carry him to her bed where he settled on her chest. While it was hard to let go, Kiki was happy she could spend this time together and ease his final month with her.

Dr. Edward One, an Australian holistic veterinarian, treated a dog, Staffy, with CBD oil and other herbal medicines for a fast-growing tumor in her mammary gland. Chest x-rays showed there might be a metastasis. Her tumor shrank in three months, and there hasn’t been a recurrence in over six months. Staffy had many tumors removed over the years; only CBD oil helped her.

An Australian Shepherd, Dexter, was given Canna-Pet for anxiety and allergies. He was even losing fur and chewing his skin. The CBD in Canna-Pet stopped the itching, and his fur grew back. People always commented on how well-behaved and relaxed Dexter was when he traveled. It gave his owner comfort knowing she could give him Canna-Pet when traveling or in stressful situations.

A woman who used Canna-Pet for her 13-year old Mini-Schnauzer with diabetes, and was blind, writes it made a difference for him. Another owner reports Canna-Pet helped his dog’s appetite tremendously. It also helped with vomiting after his chemo treatments.

Dr. Robert Silver is a holistic and herbal veterinarian who practiced in Colorado and wrote Medical Marijuana and Your Pet. He looks at problems not easily solved by conventional medicine and helps people understand if medical marijuana is right for them, how to safely use it and potential benefits and risks.

Dr. Silver says CBD works well for hyper dogs in low dosages and is a great help for anxiety and behavior issues in dogs.

Dr. Silver explains that hemp based CBD extracts are a much better and safer way to go than medical marijuana. He bases this on the fact there are lower, non-psychotropic amounts of THC found in hemp plants and dogs are more sensitive to adverse effects of THC than any other species based on his research in the 1970s.

More dogs are rushed to emergency animal hospitals after getting into marijuana edibles. Accidental exposure causes disorientation, incontinence, nausea, and pets become very sensitive to lights and sounds. In some cases, they require hospitalization. Marijuana by itself is rarely fatal but combined with a lot of dark chocolate brownies a dog could perish.

Dr. Silver writes it’s not about getting pets high; it’s about getting pets well.

Medical Marijuana and Your Pet also shares stories about Silver’s patients and experiences with his own pets. He talks about both successes and failures.

Silver discusses hemp and marijuana and cautions his advice applies to people who live in states where marijuana is legal. He emphasizes hemp as an alternative because of the problems with THC for people using state dispensaries. He doesn’t endorse illegal use.

Please do your homework, get advice from a medical professional or another expert, and go slow when introducing any dietary supplements, medication, or food to your dog, cat or other animal companions. Their well-being depends on it.


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