Animal Frequency


Animal Frequency
Identify, Attune, and Connect to the Energy of Animals
A Reference to 200 Wild, Domestic, and Mythical Creatures
The Animal Frequency Oracle Cards
by Melissa Alvarez

What a gift this 403 page book is! Not only does Melissa Alvarez give a great background and basis for working with animal energy in our daily lives, she teaches how to connect with animal frequencies for guidance, support, and mutual spiritual growth. The book can also be used as an oracle by opening it at random to see what animal wants to work with you.

For each animal presented in this reference book she gives: traits, talents, challenges, element(s), primary color(s), appearances, how this animal can assist, frequency, and a brief guided imagery to use. There are the expected creatures like snake, bear, and raven but also some more unusual ones like Chupacabra, thunderbird, and kraken.

The categories of animals are amphibian, birds, canines, equines, felines, fish, insects, mammals, reptiles, and mythical animals.

For a more mobile experience, there is also a deck of 44 cards that are attractively packaged in a metal box with a black organza carrying bag. Each card shows a picture of one of the animals along with its talents and challenges. After pulling a card and reading the brief information provided, it’s fun to go to the book where there is a much more in-depth discussion of the energy involved and how to apply it to your life.

Anyone who wants to work with these sorts of energies or learn how to communicate with animals will want the book and the cards.


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