An Invitation to Self-Care


An Invitation to Self-Care
Why Learning to Nurture Yourself is the Key to the Life You’ve Always Wanted
by Tracey Cleantis, PMFT
Hazleton Publishing

Many of you who read my reviews provide some sort of service such as counselors, healers, massage therapists, etc. And everyone who reads my reviews is involved in some form of caregiving whether as a parent, spouse, or even employee. It isn’t unusual to hear about some of us experiencing burnout. Application of the ideas in this book could prevent this occurrence.

Self-care is so much more than only giving ourselves “treats and rewards.” It’s more than the occasional day off or trip to the spa. Self-care is a mind-set; it is a way of viewing ourselves and our own needs. In this book, seven myths about self-care are replaced by seven principles for self-care practice.

We’re led to understand the difference between white magic self-care, gray magic self-care and black magic self-care; all are not created equal. We want to aim for white magic self-care whenever possible. The book offers tons of ideas, stories, exercises and inspiration for building self-care into all areas of our lives: relationships, finances, spiritual and professional. The approach helps us accept who we are, what we need, how our needs evolve and how to create the space for the self-care we need and crave.


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