Amma to offer Retreat and Satsang This Summer


Amma Karunamayi visits the Northwest June 30 to July 2, offering retreat and satsang. Amma’s mission is universal peace and upliftment of humanity through selfless service, meditation, and love.

People from many different religions and spiritual paths have attended Amma’s retreats and have found their own faith deepened and enhanced. Amma often says, “Be in your own faith, travel only in your own path, but elevate more and more in that path.” Amma retreats will provide a very precious opportunity to all who wanted to deepen their spiritual practice and help travel ever higher on whatever spiritual path they have chosen.

The beauty of Amma’s discourses lies in their universal appeal. They are a wonderful mix of simple wisdom and profound philosophy. Amma motivates us to strive for purity in thought, word and deed.

Purity is the best jewel of a person. It is the best and greatest treasure of a sage. It is the best wealth of a devotee. A state of pure mind is the prerequisite to realizing self. Speaking the truth is the most important qualification of a seeker. Speaking the truth, one is freed from worries and restored to peace and strength.

By speaking the truth always, in all circumstances, a meditator acquires, vak siddhi. Vak is speech; and siddhi is the highest level of attainment. Whatever you think or speak comes true. Honesty, Integrity, freedom from fraud, frankness, and fair dealings are the only virtues upon which in and individual life can rest safely. Society can only endure when it is cemented with the mortar of honesty, justice and righteousness.

There is one immutable law:  honesty. Honesty in the office, in politics, in business, on the highway, in the courts of justice, in all assemblies, that is what we need. Honesty is the best virtue and the highest wisdom. Honesty means conforming to justice and moral rectitude. The basis for high thinking is perfect honesty. Develop sincere devotion and equal vision. Cultivate righteousness, compassion and tranquility.

These are the beautiful ornaments of the spiritual seeker. Let all these jewels beautify your heart. If our devotion is strong we will have bliss, patience, courage, and righteousness, and if we have all these divine attributes in our heart, our love will never be shaken under any circumstances. That is the essence of Bhagavad Gita and Sanatana Dharma.

The practice of compassion, charitable acts, and loving service purifies and softens the heart. In the remote areas of Andhra Pradesh state in India, Amma has been working for years to bring free education for lower income family students. In keeping with Amma’s philosophy of holistic education, the students learn yoga and meditation along with a standard course schedule.

Sri Mathrudevi vishwashanti Ashram Trust (SMVA Trust) is a nonprofit 501 ©(3) organization. The trust, working under the guidance of Amma Karunamayi, has undertaken many humanitarian projects such as free schools, free hospitals, free housing projects, and water treatment plants.

In December 2016, SMVA Trust Seattle, in collaboration with Lalitha Kalamrutham, a wing of Surya Teja Arts of Seattle, did a colorful fundraiser. And all the proceeds went to “education for life.”

 In 2010, Amma Karunamayi began the Heart Foundation, a movement to provide children suffering with life-threatening heart defects or heart disease a chance at a normal life. Here in the USA, these medical camps are taking place in New York, New Jersey, Seattle, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Atlanta. Doctors who specialize in such fields as optometry, cardiology, psychiatry, and neurology are volunteering their expertise and extending medical help to people in need. One such medical camp in New Jersey is the Cancer Education and Early Detection(CEED) Program. Through such collaborations, people who attend free medical camp are eligible to receive screening for several kinds of cancers, as well as qualify for free treatment and case management.

Here in Northwest, Doctors from Seattle and the tri-cities periodically conduct medical camps. Doctors specialized in neurology, physical medicine, rehabilitation and psychiatry are volunteering their precious time and their valuable expertise for those who attend these medical camps.

Recently an international medical camp was successfully conducted at the Karunamayi charitable hospital in India. A team of physicians from the USA, including local doctors from the Northwest in collaboration with Seattle based Surya Teja Arts, traveled to India to administer medical care to well over 5,800 patients.  The team of health professionals included family physicians; specialists in allergy, asthma, hypertension, hematology, diabetes; dentists; oncologists; and psychiatrists. 

Every month here in Seattle, local Amma volunteers prepare and serve food for homeless shelters, also donating clothes and  items periodically to Sight Connection for the Blind.

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