A Purrfect Message from the Other Side


I chuckled when my first client showed up for the day, then continued to brush my teeth. I wondered how many of my readings start in the shower or over the bathroom sink? I had been feeling Kitty Bean’s excitement and anticipation for the past hour, and now she was ready to talk. She respectfully requests I offer three readings to the woman I was about to call. It was Kitty Bean’s gift to her, but she needed my help to execute it. I didn’t hesitate as I also felt I was fulfilling my part of an agreement.            

Kitty Bean would have turned 17 soon, had she not left the earth just weeks ago. Now she asks Alida not to be sad and tells her she’s happy to be right where she is. “Know that things are as they should be,” she says then adds, “I can help you more from the other side, ten-fold in fact!”

I watch as Kitty Bean enters another cat’s physical body while she explains she is bringing back an aspect of herself from spirit. She assures me she has the cat’s permission and is doing so to help Alida with her grief. I learn it is Keeper, another cat who lives with Alida that allows Kitty Bean to inhabit her body.

Animal Intuitive Darcy Pariso

Alida shares that Kitty Bean used to sleep on her first chakra, and she always woke feeling better in the morning. Now, with Keeper’s assistance, Kitty Bean can continue this energy healing.

Kitty Bean shares that she’s helped Alida everywhere, “infinity” she declares! “Who knows you best?” she asks, then announces “I know your soul… literally. This is what (soul) families do. In our case, it’s a soul agreement that is played out in every imaginable way.” Feelings of new opportunities, expansion, and growth surrounded this agreement. Love flows from Kitty Bean to Alida as she reminisces.

Kitty Bean, acting much like a guide or someone on a “particular project,” tells Alida major changes are coming throughout her life. She asks her to keep her thoughts positive. Any feelings of discontentment are changing to hope, a strong foundation and achievement.

Something doesn’t feel settled to me, as though this isn’t her final job.  I ask Kitty Bean if she’s a “guide in training?” She laughs, she doesn’t “need training!” then continues with personal messages for Alida.

Now Kitty Bean tells Alida their last life together was just “two cats ago.” She was a black cat then, and Alida knows who she is! Alida thinks back and intuitively knows she was her cat, Ernie. Kitty Bean says she intends to come back to Alida in this lifetime “once this work is accomplished.”

White lights are now twinkling in the sunny room in front of me. I see paintings and art supplies. It is here Kitty Bean says that she most enjoyed being with Alida. When Alida is in this “zone” or energy, she sees gamma rays around her. I see singing bowls as she talks about vibration and sound and the positive impact they have on people. She tells me Alida’s brain lights up with high level thoughts in this space. This is where she helped Alida change her direction and life at two or three pivotal junctures.

I share an image of Alida standing in a bubble. Kitty Bean asks that Alida imagine herself in this bubble and calls it a “matrix of gamma rays.” She stresses this is important as gamma rays are the best energy for this healer/artist and urges her to remember to do it.

Gamma rays sharpen our hearing, vision and all sensory input. People with high gamma activity can process and remember large amounts of information quickly. They are naturally happy, calm and feel compassion for all.

Kitty Bean says Alida can continue to communicate with her when she’s working on her art and through automatic writing. She also asked Alida to read and practice the exercises and meditations in the book The Seven Sacred Flames. They can work together in the temples discussed in this book at night. Kitty Bean shows me she helped Alida “lengthen time so she could spend more time in higher energies. From days to even a week of knowledge could be obtained in an eight-hour night.”

Kitty Bean concludes with “this is a perfect time (for her) to leave” and “we’ve done this dance many times and the possibilities are endless. There is a definite path that is a priority.” She reminds Alida to ask for what she wants and to be open to receive it. I see Kitty Bean putting a paw in to help bring these requests to her.

St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals and ecology, encourages Alida to call on him for help as he is available to all of us.

Alida emailed later that she “felt so much love from her reading. It felt more like a healing than a reading.” She attributed this to “feeling an amazing amount of support from so many.”

A significant change also occurred in Alida and Keeper’s relationship after the reading. The minute Alida returned home from the veterinarians with Kitty Bean’s empty cat carrier, Keeper stepped into Kitty Bean’s position in the home. Feeling it was too soon, Alida resented her. Learning Kitty Bean was occasionally using Keeper’s body completely and profoundly shifted this. Alida now finds comfort in Keeper’s presence, accepts her, and is happy to let her take over Kitty Bean’s special spots and habits.

Our animal companions are waking us up in a whole new way. As we continue to recognize them as our teachers and helpers, we appreciate the lessons, and even homework, they send our way.

In memory of Kitty Bean, in gratitude for 17 years of love and support. Written with permission by Alida and Kitty Bean.


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Darcy Pariso is an animal intuitive, medium, and reiki master. She can help you better understand your animal’s thoughts and feelings. Darcy is the Animal Intuitive for Martha Norwalk’s Animal World, Sundays, 9 a.m. to noon on KKNW 1150 AM. For more information go to www.darcypariso.com.

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